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These Knee-Hi Alpaca Socks hold well on the calf but with an extremely light and gentle touch. They're a big hit with Diabetics but work for anyone who wants a soft, warm and comfortable sock. 

Paula says, "I like these for a bunch of reasons... 1) they fit my larger calves without falling down and don't do it by gripping tightly (they'd work on a skinny leg without falling either), 2) they're REALLY comfortable for lying around the house or even in bed, 3) I can put them in my boots, in my tennis shoes, camping... they're like an all around perfect comfy thing..., 4) when I can't find my pair of Therapeutic Knee-Hi Alpaca Socks I get annoyed!"

Other comments:

These socks are wonderful, they fit very well, do not restrict or leave any marks on my legs. Great socks! 
-Stephanie, Ohio

What a great sock! You can feel the softness and it warms like a gentle hug for my legs and feet! 
-Jeremy, Pennsylvania

These Knee-Hi Alpaca Socks are great for:

  • A soothing therapeutic sock
  • Diabetics or semi-diabetics
  • Larger calves
  • Soft but reliable grip
  • Fit to the knee or even OVER the knee with a comfortable hold
  • Comfortable significant alpaca warmth

The internet is talking about the benefits of wearing socks to bed.  Our alpaca Knee-Hi's are the perfect bed sock.  Non restrictive and perfectly warm!  

The right heat = happy feet = happy sleep

Size: Medium (most women), Large (most men).

Materials: 48% Alpaca, 40% Acrylic,8% Nylon, 4% Spandex

Care: For best results, turn inside out, hand wash and hang to dry -or- gently wash and gently dry in normal laundry.